Thursday, November 13, 2008

Colin and Dana's Wedding

Nick not only shreds the board but as well the floor

You two make me sick! Get a room

Later this night I found Nick outside the Fort Garry barfing on the front steps.

Dane's a player

McD wasn't invited but he took Kevin McCoubrey's spot. Always good to see Mike!

If you have ever seen Landen drunk you know he is a wrecking ball

Never play "Come'on Eileen" when skaters are around. For some reason it makes them go nuts.


Banger stop getting fresh with my women.


Lauren and Landy

Every picture I have of Bram he poses the same way. Love it!

In recent news Cain killed someone.

Brandon Tyler

O.G. Rossy

After all these years Colin still gets an erection while slow dancing with Dana

You like booze?

Love the Wieve

Nick brought his dog

Mitch is French!

Handsome Wreckers

Vandel, Stelly, and a Rose Dog BGP

Jeremy and The Neuf

Looking good!

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