Monday, February 28, 2011

Austin Thomas Web Interview

We decided it would be fun to give our newest team rider a web interview. Enjoy! Austin rules!

What have you been doing all winter?
A whole lotta nothing and skating whenever I get a chance

How dd you feel about your Time Change part?
I was stoked on it but I really wanted more, different footage. This year will be interesting

Was this your first part?
Actually no haha I had a part in a Kenora video called Party On Wheels.. It was dope.

What was your worst sk8 team memory?
I'd have to say that time when we drove up to Flin Flon and ran out of gas halfway, I mean I know we got saved and all but that whole situation just sucked.

Who had your favorite footage in Times Change?
Cole and Cain

Who do you want on the team next?
Mitch Butler or Nate, and K-Zimmerman

What's the best part about being on the team?
The love in the fam

Top 3's:
Winnipeg Skaters
1.Brock Anderson
2.Evan Burchuk
3.Jamie Mospanchuk

Canadian Skaters
1. Rick McCrank
2. Mark Appleyard

Skaters of all time
1. Leo Romero
2. Eric Koston
3. Andrew Reynolds

Skateboard brands
1. Altamont
2. Emerica
3. Circa

1. Any mini ramp
2. 2-none
3. Pan-Am

You're the youngest one on the team so I'm gonna give you some Sk8 team trivia:

Who's the oldest person on the team right now?
Mitch Lavoie

I thin Bill Acheson is older. What year did sk8 open?

I think 1989

Are you kidding me? It's 87, you know the giant number on the shop decks? Name two pro's that rode for sk8?


Jake Stuart, Mason Cornwell and I think Steve Harnish was pro for Venture but I really don't know. Which two team members got on the same day?

No idea man

Pat and Tyler same day, Kyle and Jesse same day. Name all five sk8 skates videos?

Love Life, Chapter One, Third Try, ...fuck I completely forgot the name, and Times Change.. Still can't remember that video before it but I know Gaucher had the ender

Shred is the one with Gaucher. Love Life isn't a Sk8 Skates video and you forgot Introduction. How many nails on the Sk8 flag?

The majority I'd say.

There's eight, come on Austin you can do this. Name 3 Sk8 team riders that haven't been in a magazine?

I'm the only one I can think of, how embarrassing.

Your score is embarrassing. You, Millar and Kyle. Cole had a portrait but no skate

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bones Video Premiere!

We're premiering the Bones Video at Sk8 Skates.
March 2nd @ 7:00pm

We have a ton of gear to give away so make sure you show up!

We'll supply the popcorn if you supply the stoke!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Party time!

If you're looking for a party on a Thursday look no further. ROCKBOX at the Zoo is every Thursday and sponsored by Sk8 Skates. Lot's of skateboarders and rock & roll. Kier Keating is gonna be playing some tunes this Thursday. If you want to be on the guest list or need further info click here.

New Circa gear in stock!

We just got in some new Circa gear. We got plaids, tee's and the shoes are on their way!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New RDS clothing for guys and gals!

New RDS gear in stock! Hoodies, jackets and tanks for the guys and dresses, tanks and shirts for the ladies! Come get some!

New sweet ass Sk8 Skates team news: Tyler Geurts got a call from Kristian Svitak yesterday asking him if he wants to ride for 1031 and Landshark wheels. Getting a call from a pro skater is pretty sweet and so is getting free gear! Congratulate Tyler next time you see him!

While you're at it you can congratulate Cain Lambert for getting some flow from Real and Spitfire. He got a package a couple weeks ago. Good things are happening all around! Hell yeah!

On a totally unrelated note check out our homie Brennan Slater on a smith rampage at the edge.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Fourstar clothes!

The blog is going to be updated daily so check back!

We just got some brand new Fourstar gear. Max Schaaf and Brian Anderson pants and denim. We also got a bunch more Mikey Taylor Etnies. New spring stuff coming in daily, check it out.

I just found this on the computer. Remember when Sk8 had a store front in The Skateboard Mag? The photo is from the old shop but it's pretty radical.

Monday, February 14, 2011

We're back on the blog!

Hey guys
Sorry about not posting anything in the last couple months. There was some mix ups about the blog but we're good to go now!
Right on! Check back for more news, videos and anything Winnipeg skateboarding related!

In the meantime check out Cain Lambert's hall of meat.