Monday, November 17, 2008

Photos from the Weekend!

Saturday night sessions are in full swing at The Edge Skatepark. Here are some photos this past Saturday night.

Poor man making a buck

Chris Rossong looking faded

Speaking of faders....

People are thirsty so someones gotta supply

Nate can never get a break

This kid is tight. His name is Landen and he knows how to represent

Devon was one of the three dudes to roll his ankle that night

Cain straight chillin

Casualties! Ice that one Bill

Broken axle courtesy of Matt Wiebe.

Lavoie doing his Duncomb impersonation

Backside airs look like fun

James Friesen is moving to China due to a mad case of the yellow fever. There was a farewell breakfast for him. James will be missing the wreck premier which he is featured in. Good luck and stay safe James.

Will Belford and James Freeze

Will, James, Cara

Nick, Wiebe, Sinclair, and Mickey Mouse.

This photo really grosses me out or turns me on

I was told that bloggers have to blog their meals.

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