Friday, December 19, 2008

Shred Premier and After Party

Dirty Boys

Love the Roemer

Beautiful Babes

Stelly started the stage barge

Vandel with his custom shit.

Chucky D not feeling so hot!

Starting quarterback

Drex and Danika ... Winnipeg's hottest couple

Rossy grinded my gears cause the last post I put up with him he looked all faded.... well tonight he was looking sharper than ever

The Breezeanne

The Frizz wins the dance competition

Look of sadness

Fuck ya Miller time

Buy records from Sarde

The Lifter

Is that studio 54?

Bart, Jacqui, and Bill

Martin and Krysta

Last Part Fool!

Clearly beast and beauty

Mitch getting fresh

Brady doesn't even drink beer. He poses with it then flushes it down the toilet. Poser!

Getting first part helps Tyler get some cred with the ladies... shaving his facial hair also helped

Julianne came out for the party!

Mike's hard not a sponsor of the event but always a refreshing beverage

Yikes a Ghost! Spooky

Zev came in town for the party. Thanks Zev for always hooking us up with sweet circa gear to give out!


Balling out of control$$$$$$ Drex buys some Grasshoppers

Sold out Show!!!!

The most anticipated part didn't let us down

Ya man!

Weekend special DIDN'T purchase tickets prior to the premier..... fools almost didn't get in.



Holy moly!

Bram is going to be a Father!!!!

I want to buy Zev's motorcyle.... hook up a good price Zev

Andrew showed with a smile!

Sinclair sitting in my chair

Neuf.... photographer, model, husband!

Bart chilling with the painting we found outside

Nick bro you going to finish that big gulp?

Two dad's in my chair.... old man can't get a break!

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