Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Ramp Jam

Thurday, January 1, 2009. Mitch Lavoie and Myself (Mark Berndt) held an invitational ramp jam at The Edge Skatepark (sorry if you didn't get an invite... don't take it personal). A few years back we use to have something similar at the old man ramp and i wanted to spark this tradition up again. The evening was a blast and a whole lot of shredding went down. Thank you to everyone who came out and skated hard.

Jeff back from Barcy


Front crook Geurts

Feebs by Drew



crew 1

crew 2

I believe this was a fakie 270 feeble to fakie

Mitch with a back smith

B has nice front smiths

Tyler came in from Brandon to shralp

Drew grabbing the nose 5-0

Mitch planting Lauren's face.... sorry Laureen... Mitch is a dick!!!!

Ollie to fakie by The Gooch

Bang-Bang getting some air

Mitch air over the channel to fakie

Is this called a fast plant? I always get confused with the step off stuff

Cain front 5-0

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