Monday, January 12, 2009


As skateboarders we all have one thing in common, whether you're from the ghetto or from the burb$ , we all love to skate and have fun. At one time , before skating was cool and so widely accepted, we used to be the social outcasts. Growing up in the 90's as a skater when you saw someone with vans on or a skate tee you knew automatically that the dude skated. Somewhere down the line skating or I should say the skating culture got "cool" and every joe hockey puck wanted to wear skate clothes. Remember this era (The D3, Chet 4 , baskteball jersey era)? I wish skating wasn't cool! I wish there wasn't skate shops in mall's! I wish that i could wear a skate shirt and people know that I am a skater! Let's take skating back.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I will put up the photos from the prime time premier within the next day or so!

- Mark Berndt

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Mat Nowak said...

sk8skates is the only skateboard only store in Winnipeg
all you guys @sk8skates should be proud
come on, you go to west49 and there's soccer moms wearing and buying skate clothing, same with Kings, and some stores like boarders anonymous are a mix of all extreme sports but nothing good in any category