Monday, January 26, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts

Yo guys

sorry I am in van city so that's why i haven't been posting lately:

here are some highlights of the trip so far (no particular order)

1. Running into Brian Ritchie at The Plaza (fool still is nuts)
2. Seeing Gran Tarino in the theatre ( Clint Eastwoods finest to date)
3. Getting a new emerica painters cap
4. checking out the van flea market
5. Running into the rod father
6. Seeing corey sheppeard all zapped out at an art show
7. Riding the coor's lite party bus with some trools
8. Going to the aquarium
9. Tan po po sushi
10. The burbon, biltmore, and the two parrots
11. Watching Brady Barf get beat in a game of skate by some random wearing loafer shoes
12. Throwing paper airplanes out 28 story hotel window
13. Watching McCoubrey switch 360 flip first try


cara said...

14. la casita, havanas, the elbow room, sunset at english bay, peeing in gatorade bottles, finding winnipeg look-a-likes at hipster bars, hanging out with igby dog, sunrise over the titanic building, hot dog carts in january, and spending the whole weekend with me.

andy. said...