Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top 5 Questions I get asked working at the Shop

1. Do you sell Crocs? WTF ahhhhh no we don't.... Well do you know where I can get some? Do I look like the kinda person who wears CROCS

2. Do you carry heelies? I hate that cause we our a skateshop that we have to be associated with every crappy "extreme" toy that is out there on the market.

3. What board has the most pop? I tell people who ask me this question "Pop is all based on having a solid balanced breakfest usually with a snap and a crackle"

4. Do you have any Darkstar impact resin9? No that sh*t is just a gimmick... all you need is 8 plys of maple

5. Are these all your Vans? yes they are! The distribution company who supplies our Vans is based out of Montreal and they have nothing for instock in there warehouse ever.

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The Great Gandalfini said...

my top one would be "where are your long boards"