Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Colin Lambert Top 5

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Top 5 winnipeg skate spots:
-the oak
-selkirk hubba? does that count as winnipeg?
-any flat bar
-underground 6 rail

Top 5 favorite excuses:
-It's too cold out
-I was jumping down shit a bunch yesterday, I'm gonna chill
-I can't, I'm drunk
-Jamie already 360 flpped it
-My grip is dirty

Top 5 winnipeg skaters:
-Jamie Mospanchuk
-Tyler Geurts
-Cain Lambert
-Austin Thomas
-Chris Rossong
-Mitch Lavoie
...Too many to list

Top 5 favorite skaters:
-Jon Allie
-Andrew Reynolds
-Geoff Rowley
-Bradley Sheppard
-Sheldon Meleshinski
-Brett Stobbart
-David Gravette
....Too many to list

Top 5 skateboard companies:

Top 5 shoes of all time:
-Fallen slip on's
-Fallen forte's
-Fallen chiefs
-Rowley Classics
-Vans Sk8-Hi's

Top 5 things to do other than skate:
-watch skate videos or jeopardy
-horror movies
-play drums
-mario kart

Top 5 go to tricks:
-backside lipslide
-halfcab board
-smith grind

Top 5 tricks you can't do:
-nollie flip
-switch flip
-fakie frontside nosegrind
-good shuvits
....I'm glad you only have to list 5

Top 5 movies:
-the shining
-friday the 13th 4
-dawn of the dead
-day of the dead
-the incredible shrinking man

Top 5 skate videos:
-welcome to hell
-nervous breakdown
-misled youth
-hesh law
-strange world
Top 5 places you wanna go:
-south america

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