Friday, August 13, 2010

Skate Camp list

Ok here is the official skate camp list

1. khalil pidhirny-hutchenson
2. tyler payment
3. matt waver
4. jaydon koroscil
5. bredan gow
6. nicolas jolicouer
7. braydon tweed
8. morgan grauberger
9. colton bebeau
10. lucas walsh
11. marc paul
12. nathan mowchun
13. jaret anderson
14. mat witiuk
15. kyle beaulieu
16. josh thorvaldson
17. lucas thorvaldson
18. ben-jamine deveau
19. zach ortman
20. aldan wherrett
21. mish baerg
22. steve trinder
23. trevor wesley
24. jacob jannson
25. skye spence
26. brayden slezak
27. seab calombe
28. colin dufault
29. ryan anderson
30. julian kelly
31. david desjarlais

camp start this up-coming monday at 10 am at the plaza. we will provide lunch and water but bring extra drinks, snacks, or cash to grab something!!!!

sorry to the kids who didn't get in. we did the best we could on limited time and budget. i understand that some of you really wanted to go but unfortunately you might have to wait til next year.

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