Thursday, February 17, 2011

New RDS clothing for guys and gals!

New RDS gear in stock! Hoodies, jackets and tanks for the guys and dresses, tanks and shirts for the ladies! Come get some!

New sweet ass Sk8 Skates team news: Tyler Geurts got a call from Kristian Svitak yesterday asking him if he wants to ride for 1031 and Landshark wheels. Getting a call from a pro skater is pretty sweet and so is getting free gear! Congratulate Tyler next time you see him!

While you're at it you can congratulate Cain Lambert for getting some flow from Real and Spitfire. He got a package a couple weeks ago. Good things are happening all around! Hell yeah!

On a totally unrelated note check out our homie Brennan Slater on a smith rampage at the edge.

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